We make and sell handcrafted and custom leather goods, such as wallets, pouches, rings and BDSM "toys" like collars, cuffs, paddles and floggers. Sizes made to order and choices of colours are available on request.

The adventure in leathercraft began with a desire for a wool lined leather jacket. Not being able to find what I wanted in a leather jacket lead on to making one. Then came the exploration of BDSM and being able to find quality "toys" i liked and could afford.

But of course I do not limit my leathercraft to just BDSM items.

Of course leathercraft is not all that I do. I also enjoy working with wood, and frequently combine that with my leathercraft. Outside of this I am doing a Bachelor of Science, Majoring in Computing at Macquarie University, to put it simply, I am studying to be a programmer.