Sometimes a customer knows exactly what they are looking for with a custom piece, sometimes the idea needs to be worked on. The idea for this collar needed a little massaging to eventually be even more than what they had initially envisioned. The idea was to have some spikes, a D-ring for a leash and a little D-ring for a name tag, they also wanted it to have some sort of padding on the inside of the collar.



After seeing many people handling a Dragontail whip, using them willfully and not realising just how much damage they can cause. I decided not to make them as a stock item, but as a custom request. Dragontail Whips are "Finishing Toys" and require a lot of respect.

This Dragontail Whip was a made with a custom handle that I turned for this project.


It can be hard for a person with a large waist to find a good leather belt, especially one that is not black, this custom order belt turned out a nice colour of blue, with enough length to also be used like a bandolier for carrying camera gear.