When one wants to refine a current design for the better. This was the brief from one client who supplied the titanium buckle and chicago scews to make the collar up. In the favourite signature colour: black.

Along with using titanium parts, there was a linning layer of sheepskin leather, for better comfort as this is worn almost all day. The choice of titanium was to eliminate nickel which was reacting with their skin.


Early 2019 I was contacted by someone who works as a security guard and was looking to get a leather belt pouch made for some of their equipment. This particular belt pouch is the second project that they commissioned, this one is for their Leatherman multitool and torch. Unlike the first project, they chose not to have tooling done on it. A D-ring was installed so that keys could be clipped on with a small carabiner, and a copper rivet was used to fasten it to the pouch.