A little while back I was commissioned to make an absolute brutal monster of a flogger, which got dubbed "Hail Hitter". Images of this inspired another commission, but this one is not quite so long, coming in at 600mm long for the falls (lashes), where the original is about 800mm long (and almost brushed the floor in a relaxed grip). Hence this new monster has so far been dubbed "Hail Hitter Jr", it may not be as big as its predecessor, but it will certainly appease those desires for impact play. It will definitely say "ON YOUR KNEES!!" to just about anyone on the recieving end.

The handle is made from Ironbark, which turns quite nicely on the lathe and has been stained with a purple dye, then treated with tung oil and beeswax. I went with a "quirky" shape for the handle, because the owner is a "quirky" personality.