A couple of years back I decided to get myself a decent fountain pen, and was very happy with it, I still am. But time has gone on and I have made a numbber of different things for different people. One of those things was some leather "pen blanks" for a friend who does "pen turning", this is usually done using acrylic blanks. Well wind the clock forwards and I decided to give pen turning a go for myself, of course being a leatherworker, I wanted to use leather instead of the standard acrylic. So again, I set to making some "blanks", which is also a great way to use up some of the off cuts I have. Just about every other leatherworker I've come across agrees, we done have leather scrap, we have off cuts, with a little imagination a purpose can be found for even a small peice of leather.

The actual turning took very little time in comparison to the preperation and assembly of the leather blanks, but once I had them sanded down and polished my first thought was "Damn, that's sexy".

It's not a small pen, but it's weighted nicely and it is a dream to write with.