Although much of my leathercrafting has been BDSM related, here are some of the projects that I have made for the "vanilla world".

After much frustration of carrying my eCig in my pocket, and having it leak (quite profusely) when I was sitting down, and when you are in lectures at uni, you do plenty of sitting. I decided to make myself a belt pouch for my eCig. And if you couldn't guess it, I have a thing for dragons.

The dragon design was tooled into the leather using a modelling spoon, no stamping. It was a learning experience, because I measured far too precisely and it ended up being too snug for the eCig mod to fit into, which meant I had to stretch the pouch out. All in all though, I am pleased with the way it turned out.


I made these cuffs for the fun of making them, and as an experiment with some leather stamps. They were both made available for purchase, there were no fastenings put on them, so that they could be fitted to almost any wrist with either press studs or velco. Since then velcro has been put onto the brown and black one and I now wear it most days.


My partner wanted a new leather handbag that was a bit larger than the one her grandfather had made about 4 decades ago, and asked for a particular pattern to be tooled onto it. The tooling on the back panel is done as outlining for the "leaves", where the "leaves" on the flap panel is completely tooled. Colouring is a tan dye and painted on the "leaves", which is two parts, the obvious white and a phosphoresent layer on top, so that it will glow in the dark after being exposed to sunlight. The more light exposure, the longer it will glow, you know the glowing marks on your watch? it's just like that.