Here are some of the leather projects that I have produced, some are commissioned items.

"The Red Right Hand"

When I began making this, I was intending on making a number of them as a signature piece. But as I progressed through the construction of it, I realised that it will not be feasible to do this. It is a time intensive project, because of the many curves, there was ALOT of cutting involved and when it came to stitching, I had to reposition it so many times it not funny. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed making it. But for a paddle, it took nearly five times as long to make it than my "normal" paddles do.

I would be more than happy to make another as a special order, but it is not something I will be making as a 'stock item'.


I had an axe that broke on me, it was the axe head that "died", the handle was largely still in good condition. Rather than just throwing away the handle, I cut it down in length, carved some grooves on either side for a bit more grip. Once the sanding and lacquering was done, I set to making the lashes. They ended up with a length of about 750mm, with the lash width of approximately 7mm.


Here is a look at some of the collars that I have made, each of these are for sale. I don't make a lot of collars as stock items, because every neck is different. But this does not mean I wont make many collars, I am quite happy to make them to order and customise the size. These were made to show some possibilities of what you could get. They have also given some people inspiration for customised collars they had been looking for.